Competitive Marketplace for Consultants, Coaches and Interim Managers
Over the past ten years, the market for consultants, coaches and interim managers has changed dramatically. The number of consultants has far outpaced the demand for consulting services. While demand for coaching services has increased substantially, it has been met with a corresponding increase in the number of coaching providers. Demand for interim management is stagnant, while the supply of potential interim managers has also grown substantially.

As a result, it is impossible to be a successful consultant, coach or interim manager without a strong network, consistent marketing, outbound selling…and a bit of patience.

Sales and Marketing Platform for Consultants, Coaches and Interim Managers
Boardroom Metrics provides a ready-made sales and marketing platform for independent consultants, coaches and interim managers.

For those interested in building their own service provider brands, our platform acts as a complimentary service – another source of visibility, prospects and projects.

For those just starting out, our program provides the ability for a rapid start – with instant access to social media marketing, leads, engaged team members and clients.

Elements of the Boardroom Metrics marketing and sales platform for consultants, coaches and interim managers include:

  • A keyword optimized and professionally written professional profile posted on our website and synched with LinkedIn
  • Training, production and distribution for personal business content on our extensive social media network including our website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube and SlideShare
  • Access to consulting, coaching and interim management projects, leads and opportunities
  • Personalized outbound direct calling and appointment setting with CEO’s
  • Personalized inbound, web-based marketing of expertise and services
  • Inclusion and promotion as part of an established professional services team to work on projects, share learning and develop new business

Programs can be personalized to meet individual sales and marketing goals.

For more information on the Boardroom Metrics platform for consultants, coaches and interim managers call 1.416.994.6552 or [email protected]