When we are engaged to do a Board governance assessment, this is what we do:

Objectives of the Governance Assessment

  • to assess current governance structure and processes
  • to recommend the most beneficial ways to improve governance and further improve the performance of the organization

Outputs of the Governance Assessment

  1. A detailed assessment of the organization’s current governance structure and operating effectiveness
  2. Input on future opportunities, threats and direction from current organization leadership, Directors, Members, others
  3. A summary of current and trending governance best practices in the public, association, and not-for-profit sectors (whichever is relevant)
  4. Recommendations for improving Board structure, nominating and governance operating practices with the goal of increasing the organization’s governance and operating performance

Approach/Steps of the Governance Assessment

  1. Document review – by-laws; other Board governance documents including Board minutes; Corporate strategy documents; other documents that may provide insight
  2. Senior Management, Board Chair Facilitated Work Session
    • Goals:
      1. to identify issues and opportunities (SWOT);
      2. to agree/plan resources, roles and next steps
  1. Interviews – CEO, Chair, All/select Directors, select others
    • Goals: to understand a mix of relevant Board, member, other perspectives on:
      1. Board/Governance Expectations
      2. Perspectives on current Board performance
      3. Opportunities for future improvement
  1. Director Board Governance On-line Survey
    • Goal: to assess understanding and execution of the current Board role
    • All Board and Leadership Team members
    • Executed via Survey Monkey – approximately five questions
  1. Board Meeting Audit
    • Goal: to observe actual governance execution
    • One or more Board meetings
  2. Industry Best Practices governance review
    • Goal: to identify trends and best practices in the Association and other relevant industries
    • literary review and outreach as required
  3. Conclusions and Recommendations – present findings, recommendations and next steps

Fee: varies depending on Board size starting at US $10,000 + Expenses

To discuss in more detail email [email protected] or call 416-994-6552.