When we are engaged to conduct an Association Governance Assessment, this is the approach we use to help the Board identify governance opportunities and risks:

Association Governance Assessment Objectives

  1. to assess current governance structure and processes
  2. to recommend the most beneficial ways to improve association governance and further improve the performance of the organization

Association Governance Assessment Outputs

  1. A detailed assessment of the organization’s current governance structure and operating effectiveness
  2. Input on future opportunities, threats and direction from current organization leadership, Directors, Members, others
  3. A summary of current and trending association governance best practices in the public, association, and not-for-profit sectors (whichever is relevant)
  4. Recommendations for improving Board structure, nominating and governance operating practices with the goal of increasing the organization’s governance and operating performance

Association Governance Assessment Steps and Process

  1. Document review – by-laws; other Board governance documents including Board minutes; Corporate strategy documents; other documents that may provide insight
  2. Senior Management, Board Chair Facilitated Work Session
    • Goals:
      1. to identify issues and opportunities (SWOT);
      2. to agree/plan resources, roles and next steps
  3. Interviews – CEO, Chair, All/select Directors, select others
    • Goals: to understand a mix of relevant Board, member, other perspectives on:
      1. Board/Governance Expectations
      2. Perspectives on current Board performance
      3. Opportunities for future improvement
  4. Director Board Governance On-line Survey
    • Goal: to assess understanding and execution of the current Board role
    • All Board and Leadership Team members
    • Executed via Survey Monkey – approximately five questions
  5. Board Meeting Audit
    • Goal: to observe actual governance execution
    • One or more Board meetings
  6. Industry Best Practices governance review
    • Goal: to identify trends and best practices in the Association and other relevant industries
    • literary review and outreach as required
  7. Conclusions and Recommendations – present findings, recommendations and next steps

Timing: 8 – 10 weeks

For more information on the Boardroom Metrics association governance assessment in more detail email [email protected] or call 416-994-6552.

This link will take you to a summary of the key findings from recent governance assessments.