sales growthEverybody talks about having a high performance sales team; so how do you begin to create that team?

What is your sales strategy for the next 3 years – and where is your company going?

If it’s an entrepreneurial company, that strategy is in the leaders head!

If I ask your Leadership Team what their company vision is for the next 3 years

Will I get all wildly different versions of what they are doing?

Or will I get a unified message?

When was the last time the sales team and sales leadership got together and talked about and captured the strategy for the next 3 years, and then communicated that to the organization?

Most organizations don’t do that.

So, once you have your strategy, and you share that with the organization, then the next piece of the strategy is to start to communicate this to the entire organization, and now everyone knows where you are going.

The next step now that we have this lovely strategy, is to execute the strategy. I see glossy 20-page plans, that look beautiful but many times these plans never got executed on.

I‘ve seen sales strategies written on a napkin that were executed on most successfully.

And so the real key now is, what are you doing to execute on that strategy:  this week, this month, and this quarter?

sales growrhThe “Rule of Three™” says

What are the 3 things you are going to do this quarter – related to strategy big picture stuff?

What are the 3 things this month you need to accomplish – now you are getting into the weeds?

What are the 3 things you are doing this week, gets you accomplishing things?

What are the 3 things you are doing today? The real work is what you do today!

If you are accomplishing 3 things each day related to your strategy – then even if you are having a busy week and all the challenges that brings – you are getting work done on your strategy regardless of the distractions you may have!

This exercise ensures you to do the things which need to get done, around that strategy.

Now you have a strategy, you’ve communicated it, you’ve got this maniacal focus on executing the details, and now you create your success.

If you create a sales strategy, communicate it, do three things each day toward accomplishing your goal and you stay the course; you will now have an organization with a great attitude, a clear focus and a sense of great accomplishment!!