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Bill Sayers is a Sales Consultant, Author, Keynote speaker and leader of the Sales Clinic for Top Performing Sales Reps.

Managing Remote Sales Reps

I get asked on a regular basis: How do I manage remote sales people? In this discussion I always point out that managing sales reps need not be different - based on whether they are in the office or work remotely. Here’s what I know. There is a stigma with remote reps that they don’t [...]

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Accountability, Managing your Sales Team

            This cartoon made its rounds on the Internet recently. I posted it to social media and received the most feedback I have gotten on a post. The feedback was all being supportive of the context of this cartoon. Many organizations are spending far too much time on administrative and [...]

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Nurture your Sales Reps for Success

Now that you have found a good Sales rep - what’s next? The next really important issue is on-boarding. Once you have found the right sales rep; now how do you get them settled in and make sure they have a chance to be successful? Hiring them and telling them to go sell something is [...]

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Sales Team Issues

I recently did a Video interview with Jim Crocker at Boardroom Metrics. We talked about some of the issues CEO’s and Business owners are having with their sales teams. Video: How to Hire Good Sales People   In this first clip, Jim asked about the most common questions that CEO’s ask me: The two questions [...]

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How High Performing Sales Reps Stay Motivated

    Top performing sales reps have a way of making what they do look easy. So how do they stay motivated and on top of their “Game”?     Most top performing reps have a focus and drive that keeps them going.  I have always said that they have this candle inside of them [...]

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Loneliness of a High Performing Sales Rep

Top Performing sales people can have a tough time with their success. There are few people in an organization that understand them and what they do to be successful.   Most people don’t see and don’t know all the work that goes into the deals and the winning ways that they have created. They also [...]

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5 High Performance Sales Techniques not found in Books

Top performing sales reps typically do five things better than anyone else: 1)    They are Focused Top performers have a maniacal focus on doing the right things and on their success. They know what success looks like to them. And it is different for each one I have ever met. They then focus on creating [...]

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What’s the Sales Strategy for your Organization?

Everybody talks about having a high performance sales team; so how do you begin to create that team? What is your sales strategy for the next 3 years - and where is your company going? If it’s an entrepreneurial company, that strategy is in the leaders head! If I ask your Leadership Team what their [...]

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