Top performing sales reps typically do five things better than anyone else:

1)    They are Focused

Top performers have a maniacal focus on doing the right things and on their success. They know what success looks like to them. And it is different for each one I have ever met. They then focus on creating that ,and as long as it is morally ad ethically okay – will do whatever it takes to create that success.

2)    They are Humble

Top performers do not need to advertise and show off their success. While we live in a time of real excess in North America; true top performers don’t show off their success. They are very confident people and they are fun to be with and certainly are not a pushover; however they are not showy and flashy with their success.

3)    They have a Strategy

Top Performers have a documented strategy and what their success looks like, feels like and how much $$ it looks like. They have a plan that is doable, stretches them, and creates a road map for their success each year, each quarter, and each month. They can talk to their strategy with or without the written document in their hands. Why – because they didn’t make this strategy up. It is part of them and their DNA. They live and breathe this plan.

4)    They Love what they Do

Top Performers love what they do! They have a passion and drive that sets them apart. They get out of bed each day looking forward to the day ahead and the success they will create. That is why they are fun to be around and hang out with. They have an energy and positive attitude that is infectious.

5)    They have great mentors

Top Performers surround themselves with great teachers and mentors. They know they don’t have all the answers or experience. So they track down people who have had great success and get their advice and guidance and wisdom. They hang around successful people, whether it is at the golf club or private clubs, at associations or Mastermind Groups.

SalesSuccessThese five characteristics show up in Top Performers all the time. It is one of the main reasons they are successful. And like many athletes and performers they can’t explain to you what it looks like or is; because they just do it. In fact they can’t understand why the rest of the world does not perform in the same way.