SalesSuccessNow that you have found a good Sales rep – what’s next?

The next really important issue is on-boarding. Once you have found the right sales rep; now how do you get them settled in and make sure they have a chance to be successful?

Hiring them and telling them to go sell something is not a good process.

You need to have a plan for them, you need to be meeting with them every few weeks to make sure they are on track and getting what they need to be successful.

SHORT VIDEO by Bill Sayers and Jim Crocker: Hiring Good Sales Reps

At 90 to 180 days most sales people have a moment when they ask themselves – ‘What was I thinking when I decided to join this company’?

From the moment you hire them you need to be available to make sure when they hit that moment, that you can talk them through it and keep them focused on their success – and that you are ensuring that they have absolutely every chance to be successful!

You also need to give them that support to make sure you have picked the right sales person.

Sometimes we don’t get it right – and when that happens you need to know this early, and make the timely decision to remove them from your business.

In addition you need to keep on top of what they are doing.

Who are they calling on, what is their activity level at, and what are they accomplishing?

In the first six months it is critical to provide support and clear communication with them to make sure they have every chance to become successful.

Too often leaders think that a good sales person will just go and make it happen. That is rarely the case. As a leader we need to make sure we support and nurture the new rep to ensure their success.

We have spent a lot of time and energy to find a good sales rep – make sure we spend the time to make them successful.