JimCrockerBillSayersI recently did a Video interview with Jim Crocker at Boardroom Metrics.

We talked about some of the issues CEO’s and Business owners are having with their sales teams.

Video: How to Hire Good Sales People


In this first clip, Jim asked about the most common questions that CEO’s ask me:

The two questions that I get asked the most are:

1.  How do I find good sales people?

2.  How can I get my sales team to better forecast their business and be accurate with this forecast?

How do you find good sales people?

Good sales people are working and you need to go and find them. Who do you know in your industry? Who is in your own company?

The key to finding good sales people is to be looking for them all the time. Next you need to know who you are looking for.

What is the culture of your organization; what will it take for someone to be successful in your company?

Now that you know this, treat this process as a sales game.

You are looking for new prospects – new sales people. Once you find good reps, stay in touch and contact with them so that when they finally are ready to make a move they call you.

What is the profile of the sales person you are looking for?

What is the culture and personality of your company? What will it take for a new rep to be successful in your company?

It is really important that you are clear on these issues as you are searching for the next sales rep. Having the right focus and knowing what you want will help your odds of hiring the right people.

The last piece of this process is what I call The Rule of 5:

This rule says that if you have five sales people – One will be a super star, two will be performers, one will be unsure of what they want to do and one typically needs to leave your organization.

Once you take that into consideration; now what are you doing to nurture and grow your team and what do you need to do to manage this diversity in your team?

Who needs what education, how do you manage and motivate each of the team and what will make them all successful.

Remember – It’s a Game – How are you going to play your sales game?