Carl Sparkes - Alumni
Carl Sparkes - AlumniCEO Function, Distribution, International Business
Industries: Beverage Alcohol, Travel & Tourism

“The Boardroom Metrics branding and association was a huge factor in helping reposition and transition my brand to this entrepreneurial venture.”
Carl Sparkes – Owner, Jost Winery; Past CEO Canada Bread

Carl brings a refreshing new level to executive leadership – he is creative, energetic, and passionate.  He has developed and built some of Canada’s leading food brands.

Carl will identify and develop extraordinary opportunities for your brand, your products and your customers. Committed to innovation, he is a proven rainmaker and the catalyst to drive profitable business growth and achieve ambitious goals.

Working within complex business environments, Carl has as a track record of increasing companies’ value through strategic alignment and business development.

Throughout his career, he has provided leadership in more than a dozen merger, acquisition and integration projects ranging from under $5 million to over $200 million.

Carl recently moved back to Halifax where he is already impacting the Atlantic business community. His interest in all things “Ocean, Food and Wine” has led to his current roles in helping dairy, seafood and wine producers create sustainable value.

Carl believes that “ a business’s true value is more about its future than its past”. He is very passionate about building strong regional industries in Atlantic Canada.

As a hands-on flexible leader, Carl is looking to create value with an equity position, partnership or facilitate a business acquisition; providing financial and strategic resources, team building or just rolling up his sleeves to help make things happen.

Do you have a business question for me? or would you like to know how my Boardroom Metrics partners and  I can help you?
Carl is available for board and leadership opportunities across Atlantic Canada and around the world.
Please contact Boardroom Metrics:  at 905-709-4031.