Sharon Giraud - Alumni
Sharon Giraud - AlumniBusiness Development, Proposals and RFPs
Industries: Government, Legal, Professional Services

RFP, RFI, RFQ Proposal Specialist

“I have been thrilled and privileged to be associated with BRMetrics and will continue to promote the group and its esteemed members. I think of all of you as my alumni group! I am certain we will continue to keep in touch and collaborate in the future. I have the utmost respect and appreciation for your vision and passion in Boardroom Metrics”.

Sharon’s 20 years of focus and experience assisting companies in winning RFPs has established her as an expert advisor for clients wanting to take their business to the next level.

Winning RFPs is about effectively communicating a company’s value and unique capabilities. Sharon helps organizations clearly define exactly why they are the best choice for a particular project. As an RFP specialist, Sharon helps companies win proposals, ultimately increasing revenue for the businesses she represents.

Her specialized experience has been integral to companies in winning over 100 corporate and government ‘requests for proposals’ across Canada and the U.S. at the corporate, provincial and federal levels.

Sharon notes that “writing and winning RFPs is certainly not for the uninspired”. It has become increasingly clear to her that composing RFPs is not a priority for the majority of the working population. Many people in the workforce simply lack the essential time and skill set to complete these projects in addition to their workload.

Asking employees to respond to RFP/RFI/RFQs (defined as request for proposal RFP/ request for information RFI / request for quotation RFQ) when they have little time or experience does not generate a successful product.

Sharon Giraud assists companies in avoiding these situations, as the RFP process is where she truly shines. She relieves staff and management of this time consuming, and often troublesome business burden. Her wealth of experience assures a quality product and her RFP’s often triumph.

Combining an extensive background working in Legal and Corporate Sales and Operations divisions – Sharon understands that the central belief and major undertaking of every company is to generate new business. She addresses this directly, stating that “RFPs create possibilities.” When this concept is embraced, it quickly becomes the catalyst for enhancing the clients’ business development efforts.

Successful outcomes of RFPs often include opportunities for new revenue streams – frequently within previously unidentified markets and sectors. Clients and sales teams particularly admire Sharon’s insight at this level.

The benefits of winning RFPs are numerous and essential to the growth of a company. They create credibility for a business, especially when identified as a preferred vendor with larger established firms. They open doors to collaborating with new business partners, as well as allow the business to be viewed as a credible supplier.

Sharon motivates companies to recognize the value, opportunities and enormous return that winning successful RFPs offer. Integral to Sharon’s consulting success is the ability to manage the RFP project from start through to completion, understand and control time pressures, and to take into consideration the smallest of details to ensure the highest quality outcome.

Within the RFP sector, this attention to detail is vital as missing information could easily mean immediate disqualification.

Sharon has the ability to manage any project with the utmost urgency, care, confidentiality and resourcefulness. She then templates this process for your team; ensuring that the business can replicate the RFP procedure successfully again and again.

Clients ask us: ‘How does the RFP process fit with Corporate Strategy’?

The answers are multi-faceted:

• it helps to match strategy to goals
• refreshes your Business Development strategies – including looking for new clients and niches to sell into
• develop deeper market intelligence – RFPs/RFIs often allow an opportunity for intelligence gathering on competitors
• identify the metrics to see return on investment (ROI) and measure the company against market norms (MN)
• opportunity to identify and work with other strategic partners
• opens the door to ask questions of the Client and gain better understanding
• opportunity to promote your company further
• it’s a helpful rainy day strategy

Sharon’s consulting expertise includes:

• Writing proposals
• Writing RFP/RFI/RFQs
• S.O.s – Managing Standing Offers
• RFP Manager
• RFP Specialist
• Vendor Meetings
• Vendor write-in Requests
• Final Negotiations
• Creating RFPs to your vendors

Sharon Giraud is available for Consulting and interim projects across Canada and internationally. Please contact Boardroom Metrics in Toronto/GTA, 905-709-4031.