Boardroom Metrics helps you marry the right RFP proposal software to the right processes to save cost and drive revenue

Our RFP Software Consulting approach is based on this: every organization that does even a small amount of RFPs or large bids each year should leverage smart technology and processes for doing so.

Organizations that choose not to have a software approach to RFP’s and bids end up paying for it each year with hundreds and even thousands of hours of lost productivity and often suboptimal proposals that prospects are less likely to select for their business.

We have an end-to-end approach to RFP software consulting approach helping clients drive down these costs and product a revenue-driving bid approach that will help you grow your company, wherever it is. We advise clients from the smallest startups to medium-sized organizations with dedicated proposal teams or resources. Web-based (SaaS) proposal technology is an emerging space, and we have the experience and knowledge to help you leverage new approaches to make a difference for your company.

RFP Software Consultant Services

The value of proposal software is not a simple switch you can flip through a simple purchase. It requires thoughtful planning based on your organization’s needs, identifying the right software to fit those needs, and executing with buy-in from all key stakeholders who have touch points into proposals.

An RFP proposal is a complete representation of your company, from executive messaging and value propositions to the nitty-gritty of how you deliver results for your clients and customers. Below, we outline different areas we can provide consultation as well as hands-on support in building a proposal process and technology solution for your organization.

Process Design & Execution

  • Proposal Process Evaluation and Design
    we will sit down with you, key stakeholders, and other pertinent parties to help you break down your current proposal process and develop a new proposal journey aimed at the key value drivers you need from a new solution
  • Proposal Management Services
    often, the best way to evaluate an organization is for our consultant to get hands-on experience doing 1-2 proposals with you. This helps us get a feel for the kinds and a better understanding of your value proposition and the resources you use to operate today
  • Content Library Creation and Update
    the cornerstone of any proposal process is a strong core library of content. Many organizations use previous proposals to accomplish this, but this approach becomes a time kill and a roadblock for innovating and improving content. We can help you build a library from the ground up or help you dramatically improve your existing content to position you better and win more. This might also include performing an overhaul of your proposal template layout and design.

Technology Implementation & Automation

  • Proposal ad hoc software approach
    you might not be ready to invest thousands of dollars in a full proposal software solution. We are expert in leveraging low-cost tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, Office, and Trello (and other project management tools) to build out a cost-effective proposal process software solution.
  • Full Proposal Software Implementation
    if you decide to purchase an end-to-end proposal management software, we can help you integrate these into the right processes and provide hands-on resources as described under “Process Design & Execution.”

    • While most proposal software companies have training tools and setup teams, they are focused on getting you adept in the tool itself.
    • We often work with these proposal software companies to complement their implementation services with process consultation
  • Content Library Automation
    your proposal content is ultimately what clients review and use to judge you as a potential partner, and we can help you keep your library up-to-date and best-in-class by leveraging technology and internal resources at your organization in an efficient way that decreases time cost for everyone involved. mn 2 Value

Our RFP Software Consultant Methodology

A strong proposal process that drives down time costs, increases win rates, and facilitates a growth strategy at your organization requires that you address key process fundamentals.

  • Proposals are a summation of your organization’s parts
  • When clients evaluate you against your competitors, they look at each piece as reflected in your proposal
  • The owners of these different parts of your organization must have a perspective in how they are being sold, differentiated, and what you are signing them up for in your proposal/bid
  • Project management principles largely dictate the cost and quality if your proposals over time
  • Even if you have a central response owner, other groups need to have defined roles for when they are brought into the proposal and in what capacity
  • Your project management approach greatly determines the number of bids you can respond to and the quality each bid can attain
  • Strong library content forms the foundation of all responses
  • A central library allows for easy searching of the latest content, saves time, and allows you to better cater content to individual prospects
  • Having a regularly reviewed, used, and improved library reduces time and costs associated with each individual bid
  • Organizations should be selective and strategic with what it bids on
  • However, a mature proposal organization is able to bid on more business at a reduced cost per bid
  • A mature proposal organization can fuel organizational growth without incurring a high cost with the right processes/strategy
  • You need to be able to articulate “what wins us this bid” and “what loses us this bid” and build a strategy around it
  • Pricing is an important element, but your win themes (value differentiators) should complement your pricing strategy
  • Win themes are best developed before a bid (e.g., by industry) and then applied to each bid

Evaluate Your RFP Software Process Readiness

We want to help you see where you are today and identify the opportunities available to you by investing in a better proposal software and process approach. For each of these pillars, we differentiate between four levels of maturity:

More Information on Boardroom Metrics RFP Software Consulting Services

Boardroom Metrics RFP software consulting practice helps clients choose and implement the best RFP proposal management software for their business. All of our software consultants are RFP response experts. They understand the proposal response process and how to organize and write winning proposals. They have worked with many, many successful clients. If you are thinking that proposal management software might be right for your business, they can make the decision process significantly simpler. And if you choose to go ahead, the work they can do developing processes, building libraries, training and building your organization’s expertise will greatly reduce your time and stress required to be successful. For more information please call 416-994-6552 or email [email protected]