Yes. Perhaps. And no.

Yes. there’s a sizeable group of senior executives who are in the unfortunate position of looking for work. That’s reality – and it happens to lots of people who never expected it, often for reasons beyond their control. For many of these executives, interim management is a practical bridge between unemployment – and employment.

Perhaps. At some point, it dawns on almost everyone that the corporate grind is getting to be….a grind. Interim management provides a practical bridge between employment – and self-employment.

No. For many experienced executives, interim management is what they do. They’ve done the corporate thing and realized it’s no longer for them. Interim management provides sustaining, interesting, challenging and ever-changing self-employment.  Having the opportunity to take years of knowledge and expertise and share it with organizations and people who truly appreciate it, provides a level of satisfaction that is frequently unattainable when working for someone else.