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We work with a lot of companies in Ontario that have successfully received funding and grant money for their organizations.

This has helped fund everything from research and development, to hiring new staff and implementing new strategies. These firms range from start-ups through mid-size organizations through to large enterprises.


Funding contributes in numerous ways to building your business and giving back to our communities and strengthening our companies competitively in the marketplace.

Do you think your firm is eligible to win Government grant funding?


One of the top tips for winning funding is:

‘Thinking like the Funder will help you attain Grants’.

The Grant reviewers are experts in their field. You are too. Be sure that you stand out. Clearly and succinctly defining those things that make your company better or meaningfully different from the competitive alternatives is the first step.


  • Do you recognize a need that is going unmet in your municipality or industry?
  • Is this something that your company can provide solutions for?
  • Is this need critical?
  • What difference will you make as a result of this type of work?
  • What are the recent relevant statistics to back this up?


  • Do you meet all of the mandatory requirements? Read and fully understand what the issuer is looking for. If you aren’t certain, ask others to help you fully comprehend the requirements.
  • Use numbers and percentages; real numbers from credible sources are important
  • Are your outcomes: Specific, Measurable, Reasonable, and Timely (SMART)
  • Are you certain that you can achieve these identified outcomes? And, are they truly in line with the funders’ mandate?


  • Be sure your budget indicates the need for the Funding
  • Ensure that your budget is balanced.
  • Show in-kind numbers (volunteers, donations etc)
  • Ensure all costs are allowable re grant guidelines

Top Questions our Grant Writers are asked

How much money can I get?

Grants can be as little as $5,000.00 to almost 1 million dollars. It really depends on what is needed and the type of grant that is available for that need.

 How long does it take to find a grant, apply for it and hear if we win?

Some grants have a turnover rate of 3- 6 months since the applications are reviewed by a board of directors or group of grant reviewers.  Smaller grants may have a quicker turnover rate.

How do we figure out what the fees are for in-kind, volunteer and donations when creating our budgets?

When creating your budgets, there is a general rule of thumb for in-kind vs cash donations.  In kind donations can be in the form of volunteer labour, a service or possibly a piece of equipment such as a computer.

What are my chances of winning a grant or funding?

If your project fits with the funding priorities, you may have a strong chance of receiving funding.  Applications are reviewed by a group of people to determine if they are complete, have the required paper work as well as fit in with the funding priorities set out for that year.

What budgets should I be prepared for, when submitting a grant application?

In addition to your operational budget, you will need a project budget and if you have been in existence for a length of time, two years of year-end financials.

How much does it cost to hire a Grant Writer?

On average, the price ranges from $500-$2500 depending on the complexity of the application.

Please contact Karen at Boardroom Metrics to help match you with the most suitable Grant Writer to help your business write and win funding this year!