If you understand the interests of your target audience, and find that a particular sport is attractive to them, then it makes sense to sponsor sports events. You can leverage their sports passion into a deeper or longer lasting relationship with your brand.

2015 Projection Target Showing Successful Future

Here is a recent Case Study:

An International Resort Chain Engages Core Customers Through the Platform of Sports

An all-inclusive Luxury Resort Chain in Mexico and the Caribbean used a Sports Media Marketing approach to tie their brand to the platform of sports and engage with their core customers.

We created a program with the Tennis Channel and TennisChannel.com to sponsor coverage all four Grand Slam events (The Australian Open, The French Open/Roland Garros, Wimbledon and The U.S. Open).

Plus nine additional US Open Series tournaments in major USA and Canada cities in July-August. (Atlanta, Wash DC, New Haven, Montreal, Toronto, SF, LA, San Diego, Cincinnati, Winston-Salem,) at a cost of $450,000. The cost of traditional on-site sponsorship of the four events would have been over $7.5-Million.

Reaching highly affluent, savvy travelers who are passionate about tennis

Our research showed the Tennis Channel reaches a balanced dual audience of upscale, professional men and women (and families) who travel outside the US.

TENNIS CHANNEL has the highest index of any cable channel for viewers who visited the Caribbean the past three years; and a top ten ranking for Mexico visitors and valid passport holders.

Also, 60% of the Tennis Channel audience is located in the Top 10 TV markets – including their New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago & Dallas top feeder markets.

The January – September campaign included 600+ in-match: 30 commercials, “Brought to you by” billboards, a “Star of the Match” feature, Sponsor of the “Destination Tennis” travel show and “Court Report” tennis news and highlights plus sponsor the ticker with breaking scores; Online elements included banner ads and pre-roll video; online travel sweepstakes with 100+ TV :15 promos; Promotions that included co-branded logoed hat give-aways were arranged at each of the tournaments.

Making high-Impact Impressions on Core Customers

These multiple touch-points created year-long awareness and bookings!

Over 70-million impressions were delivered by the media campaign to the primary demo of Adults 25-54; delivering an impressive CPM of $12.50; and $6.20 for all households reached.

The online campaign resulted in the data capture of 100,000+ sweepstakes entrants for follow on email and e-newsletter campaigns. Bonus impressions from other on air elements are estimated at 35-million.


In this case sponsoring the televised coverage of events was an efficient, affordable alternative to being on-site, and allowed for a season-long relationship with upscale, traveling households as they made vacation plans.