Any book on success says the same thing – go with your passion.

As a management consultant I was always passionate about my client’s businesses. Frequently I was too passionate. It seemed I cared more than they did about success.

Now older and wiser I realize it’s not that my clients aren’t passionate. It’s just that at times we view the road to success differently – and the passion a consultant must have is the passion to help clients see different paths to success.

Today, I am much more passionate about the individual people side of business. The world has changed.

A lot.

Careers are shorter. Brilliant kids out of school don’t have jobs and those with successful careers find themselves looking for work in their 40’s and 50’s.

As dreary as that sounds, I see it as a fantastic opportunity. Now EVERYONE MUST BE AN ENTREPRENEUR. Being smart, forward thinking, creative and risk-tolerant are critical attributes. The skills required aren’t necessarily the skills learned working in a large corporation.