Croft Petersmeyer
Croft PetersmeyerSenior RFP Writer
Industries: Advanced Manufacturing, Economic Development, Tourism, Government

Croft lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Winnipeg and a creative communications diploma from Red River College before delving into the world of proposal writing. He says it’s been a thrill ride ever since. We can’t tell if he’s joking.

Writing proposals is tedious work, and being forced to read them as a member of the selection committee isn’t much better. Cutting through the all-too-familiar linguistic morass of typical RFP responses is a priority for Croft. Winning proposals sell a story, they don’t just tell one. Most times, RFPs are issued either to save or to make the issuer money. It’s a business decision for them, and it’s a business decision for responding companies. Croft understands this.

With a rare skill set combining exceptional writing ability with a well-honed marketing mentality (i.e., a micro and macro approach to proposal writing), Croft can decipher complex RFPs and—even better—can interpret and anticipate clients’ needs in a way that addresses the RFP’s requirements while positioning the bidding firm to maximum advantage within the competitive landscape.

Croft eats details for breakfast, but he always washes this minutia down with healthy swigs of “Why would a selection committee care about this in the first place?” Writing proposals is pointless if they’re not written to win. A losing Shakespeare-level proposal is always useless compared to a winning throw-words-at-a-page-until-they-stick approach. Bottom line: know your audience, and give them what they’re looking for and more.

Croft hates to lose at the one thing he believes he’s better at than just about everyone else. Admittedly, he can’t play guitar, he can’t sing, he can’t draw, and he can’t fix his motorcycle himself. But he can write compelling proposals. If that matters most to you, get in touch today.

To work with Croft, please call Boardroom Metrics at 416.994.6552 or email [email protected].

Croft’s Expertise


  • RFPs, RFQs, RFIs. If a professional, persuasive proposal is required, Croft can write it. From a few pages to over 1,000 pages, he’ll make his words matter to the people reading them.

Corporate Communications

  • Croft writes original copy for a range of marketing and communications materials, including executive-level newspaper articles, annual and board reports, strategic plans, newsletters, press releases, website and ad copy, presentations, customer announcements, company profiles, speeches, etc.

A communications expert is the best choice. Croft often says this to his clients: “You tell me what to say, I’ll tell you how to say it.” Clients are subject-matter experts, and a writer’s job is to share that knowledge succinctly and powerfully with the target audience.

Croft Petersmeyer is available for RFP and Proposal Response projects across North America.
Please contact Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]