William Taylor
William TaylorGraphic Design / Art Director
Industries: All sectors

Graphic Design / Art Director

Taylor is a skillful and efficient Graphic Designer, whose specialty is providing quality communication materials for a wide variety of clients including, but not limited to: entrepreneurs, charitable organizations, small businesses and large corporations.

He knows how to approach any project with attention, clarity and consideration for the target audience, and has a strong understanding of professional, high quality work.

William’s Expertise

A passionate and enthusiastic member of the team, I am responsible for achieving brand and marketing goals set by a varied client base.
Utilizing a high level of communication with you and members of our creative team, I strive to produce eye-catching and effective materials for your business materials.

My goal at the outset of every project is to create something unique, professional; and to effectively communicate your message with a memorable and long-lasting design.

Creating professional design materials for your RFP or business marketing materials. I will help create, develop, and grow your proposals or your brand, and ensure your company presents a professional image in the marketplace.

There is no task out of range, including: PowerPoint (.ppt) presentations, branding packages, logo design, trade-show exhibitions, infographics, newsletters, rack cards, business forms, certificates, labels, posters, booklets, brochures, stationery, and much more.

A graphic designer is not a fine artist. Designers create to communicate, and a good designer is a visual-thinking problem solver. Our success is not just about “making things look good”, it is determined by the outcome of what we’ve created, and how effectively we are able to deliver a message.

Being a graphic designer is more than just a profession, it’s a way of perceiving our environment and always being aware of how our society learns and communicates.

You will find that I am a very professional, cooperative, and considerate person to work with, and I want everyone involved to be proud of the work we create together.

I believe it is a must to grab the attention of your audience, and for you to be proud of your image in the process.

William is available for web and design projects across Canada, USA. Please contact Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]