Dawn Lewis
Dawn LewisRFP Writer and Proposal Response Services
Industries: All Sectors

Helping Clients Develop their Narrative.

Creating Compelling RFP and Proposal Responses

I ensure your proposal demonstrates a deep understanding of the RFP objectives and instills confidence in your capacity to craft and deliver an aligning solution. A storytelling approach is used to articulate your solution in a way that paints a picture of the promised deliverables. This approach produces a proposal that provides your clients with an understanding of the experience of working with you. It thoroughly familiarizes them with your people, organizational values, uniqueness of your methods, and success of your best practices. The goal is to create resonance between whom you are as a partner and who they are, and provide certainty of your ability to interpret address and deliver against their needs.

Dawn’s Expertise

Dedicated to helping Clients respond to Requests for Proposals, capturing the essentials of what makes your company stand out against the competition.
Dawn earned her Marketing Degree at Concordia University, with 7 years of professional experience writing and winning Proposals for Clients on Government and Commercial bids.

Dawn Lewis is available for RFP/Proposal Writing and Response services across North America.
Please contact Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]