Mark Healy
Mark HealyBuy/Sell Business, Retail Operations, Risk Management
Industries: Entrepreneurs, Financial Services, Franchises, Philanthropy

Mark Healy – Canada/USA/International

Mark is a successful entrepreneurial business leader with an international background in retail and financial services.

Record of stellar performance in start-ups, franchises and turnaround situations.

Mark is a passionate hands-on leader who understands business, leadership, risk and sense of urgency. His international leadership experience has allowed him to live through 3 earthquakes, and 2 significant work place fires!

He can help you with emergency preparation that will save your financial institution, business, brand overnight – the first 24 hours are critical !!!

How Mark helps Organizations:

Business Risk Management
Disaster Recovery
Risk Assessment
Loss Prevention
Emergency Preparation

Mark has bought and sold numerous businesses and has hands on experience to save you time, money and alleviate some of your worry and stress.

Have you ever had to Buy or Sell a Business?

Mark can help you with:

Due Diligence
Operations – so you can maximize your time and capital.

Mark has worn all these hats over the years and can help Retailers, Master Franchises and Franchisees with:

Designing, Planning, Building a Retail Outlet
Inventory Management
Grand Opening
Marketing and Advertising
Loss Prevention
Significant Transition – start-up, expansion, shut down

Business Pitfalls?

We all run in to roadblocks thru our careers and we need to determine if it is feasible and morally ethical to choose litigation/arbitration to attack these issues head on.

Mark has extensive experience in litigation and arbitration and can help CEO’s, and Business owners:
Discuss the process – mediation/litigation/arbitration
Outline the energy required and the options for an outcome.

Mark’s extensive financial experience, running risk and investing for over 35 years has allowed him to help you prioritize your business and personal portfolio for immediate and future growth.

His trading days as Chief Dealer of Currencies at a large banking institution has provided unique and proven strategies and risk analysis.

Mark has been in the trenches, is quick on his feet and knows good value when he sees it, feels it.

It always helps when you have someone you can confidentially discuss your business affairs with.

Mark is a Canadian citizen and U.S. permanent resident. (Green Card Holder). He is available for projects, contracts and interim roles across Canada, U.S. and internationally.

Mark can be contacted in Toronto/GTA via Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]