Trevor Evans
Trevor EvansRFP & Proposal Writer
Industries: Education, Technology, Hospitality, Professional Services

RFP & Proposal Writer

I bring a rich set of experience to each RFP and proposal project. I have completed hundreds of RFP and other proposal projects in almost every industry, from education, government, and finance to retail, hospitality, technology, and professional services.

I understand how to work collaboratively with sales reps and other stakeholders at client companies to craft a persuasive proposal focused on the key themes that will get the prospect to choose you over your competitors.

Collaboration and iteration are crucial for delivering the best proposals possible, which means hitting project deadlines. Getting the most out of each person helping on the proposal is key, and it is something that I reinforce in the proposal teams I have led and mentored throughout my career.

Trevor’s Expertise

I don’t want to simply help you get your proposal out the door—though that’s what you’ve come to Boardroom Metrics for. I want to equip you to be better prepared to face the next one.

I have mentored and coached hundreds of sales reps on the best ways to handle proposals more effectively, and I will share these best practices with you and can even evaluate how your organization manages the RFPs that come in.

Ever the Boy Scout, I am driven by the edict “leave things better than you found them.”

Companies and organizations spend money with an expectation of a return, regardless of the functional or operational reasons they may be seeking your products or services.

Often, bidders fall short of truly capturing and addressing this in their proposals.

There are many situations when an inferior solution is chosen by a company simply because the proposals for that inferior product better articulated the pain, challenges, and organizational outcomes of the company they were proposing to.

Not only have I crafted hundreds of proposals aimed at demonstrating the value and return of what I was proposing to the prospective company, but I have worked with value consultants in understanding and pitching ROI models to prospects as part of a proposal or sales process.

This has helped me develop a keen understanding of how to strategically position value in proposals, and I will help make sure that your proposal gets the most important messages across.

Trevor Evans is available for RFP and Proposal Writing projects across North America. Please contact Boardroom Metrics: 1.416.994.6552 or by email: [email protected]