Boardroom Metrics Office Opening In Mexico City Provides Unique Second Chance for Mexican Executives

Boardroom Metrics interim management

This week we announced that Boardroom Metrics is opening an office in Mexico City. Opening in Mexico City is quite a milestone for Boardroom Metrics as it is the first time we have operated anywhere outside of Toronto.

Leading the Mexico City office is Mr. Luis Martin del Campo. Luis is an ex-IBM and Cargill executive residing in Mexico City who spent over ten years in the United States.

We first engaged with Luis the same way we first engage with so many of our executives at Boardroom Metrics – through social media. Luis was searching for board governance resources on the Internet when he first came across Boardroom Metrics. When he learned more about our programs for in-transition and post-corporate executives, Luis recognized that the Mexican market represents a significant opportunity for Boardroom Metrics. He proposed we talk about the opportunity and immediately captured our interest.

Why Mexico?

Business in Mexico is booming. Projections have Mexico on track to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world, potentially eclipsing other high profile stars like Brazil, Russia, China and India.

With fast growth come demands for knowledge and expertise. High demand positions include logistics, manufacturing and technology among others as well as board of directors positions with a broader scope and business experience.

Like Canada, Mexico also boasts a significant population of senior, experienced, corporate executives. Many of these executives have 25+ years of experience and a strong desire to offer their expertise on a consulting, coaching and interim management basis. They aren’t all looking for full time employment and prefer the freedom and flexibility that consulting, coaching and interim management provide.

Finally, Canadian businesses and business people are well respected in Mexico. We are not hiding the fact that Boardroom Metrics is Canadian-based as it gives our new office in Mexico City a great degree of credibility.

Boardroom Metrics Services In Mexico

We will be offering services for three distinct client audiences in the Mexico market:

  • Boardroom Metrics Services in Mexicoexecutives in transition seeking consulting, coaching and interim management opportunities;
  • post-corporate executives that already have their own consulting, coaching or interim management practices;
  • corporations seeking to engage experienced executives as consultants, coaches, board members or interim managers.

The services we will provide these clients include:

  • professional brand development
  • social media training
  • outbound marketing
  • in-bound marketing
  • lead dissemination
  • team and business networking
  • executives for consulting, coaching, board positions and interim management

The Mexico City Office

Located in the Antara Complex, the Mexico City office is situated in the Polanco area which is considered the geographical center of the greater Mexico City area, with easy access from anywhere in the city, it’s the place to be.

Working with Luis in the Mexico City office are:

  • Luz del Carmen Munguia, Talent Services Director
  • Carlos Zarazua, Business Development VP
  • Felipe Ferreira, Consulting Services Sales VP

Contact info:

Luis Martin del Campo
President and Managing Director
Bordroom Metrics Mexico
[email protected]

BRM Mexico

Corporativo Antara
Torre 1 Piso 5
Av. Ejército Nacional 853-B
Colonia Granada
Miguel Hidalgo 11532
(52-55) 8000-1943

In Mexico City – and Toronto – Boardroom Metrics is always interested in connecting with senior executives, consultants and clients who are interested in what we do.

If you are an executive and think you might be a fit for Boardroom Metrics, download this PDF ‘Are You Qualified to Be an Accomplished Executive’.