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John Keep Your Eye on This One: Foursquare

A couple of months ago I started noticing a couple of Facebook friends enthusiastically posting their latest accomplishments on Foursquare. I paid no attention. But they stayed enthusiastic and kept updating. I noticed that.Then I started noticing Foursquare's name showing up in the early and not-so-early adopter press. Hmmm.So, yesterday I downloaded the iPhone app [...]

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Personal Branding Plan Presentation, The 5 P's

Personal branding is a way of communicating the unique value you offer.Working with clients and talking to managers, employees and others, I've found the 5 P's to be a simple, yet effective way to organize thinking and planning around personal branding. Here's a simple presentation providing some basic insight into the 5 P's. With a [...]

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Personal Branding – How Old Are You?

This week I attended a disappointing but eye opening Alumni event on personal branding.Disappointing because the panel delivered little of value on personal branding.Eye opening because those attending spanned the full age, experience range - from new grads looking for their first jobs, through recently sidelined senior execs looking for new careers.Not easy at 55. [...]

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The 5 P’s of Personal Branding

Blog Update 8/11/2018 This blog on personal branding was written ten years ago! It's aged ok and it remains a popular piece of content on our site. Some thoughts on what's new since then: now, we use personal branding and executive branding interchangeably we've worked with hundreds of executives on updating their personal brands since [...]

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Umar Haque: The Scale Every Business Needs Now

I always enjoy reading Umar (see link below). He consistently beats the 'thick value' drum, seemingly on a one man mission to change the world of business. As shallow as I can be, I generally get his point.Too many business exist just to exist - or to Umar's point, exist just to win. Other than [...]

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Twitter Down: It’s Not Just You Seeing the Fail Whale

Ironic. This definitely gets in the way of being a good news source (see last post)!!Twitter Down: It’s Not Just You Seeing the Fail Whale: "It’s not just you: Twitter is completely down, and has been for at least 15 minutes. What exactly what took down the microblogging service, we don’t know (some speculate that [...]

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How News Happens | Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ)

How News Happens You know, this is an interesting study. It basically shows that (at least for one week in Baltimore) traditional media is by far the primary source of news still. And new media is for broadcasting and rebroadcasting news. So what does happen if/when traditional media (the news gatherers) gets wiped out?One interesting [...]

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Email Newsletter Subs Trump RSS – Study

Really? People want more email? Here's my theory - based on observation. Despite the fact that RSS has been around for years, the majority aren't aware of how it works - or even what Google Reader or Feedburner are. Sure, there are times when I find my reader overwhelming - so there's NO way I'd [...]

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