Mark Burdon

About Mark Burdon

Mark Burdon helps organizations increase revenue through proposals and content marketing. Mark writes proposals and RFP responses on behalf of digital agencies, business application software/SaaS providers and managed technology service providers.

RFP Writer for York Region Consulting Firms

As a growing professional York Region IT services practice, your business development team has probably won several customer contracts, and lost some. In some cases, you made a conscious decision not to pursue some leads. There are many reasons why services firms won't invest time and effort to pursue certain business opportunities: They don’t have [...]

Technology RFP Response Writing Strategies

The Technology RFP Response Writing Challenge In this era of fierce competition among cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, and digital consulting firms, the decision to pursue public or private sector RFPs is one which you shouldn’t  take lightly. Much like in a game of high-stakes poker, business executives need to decide whether [...]

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