Winning RFP Proposal Strategies for Technology Service Providers

In this era of fierce competition among cloud and Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, and digital consulting firms, the decision to pursue public or private sector RFPs is one which you shouldn’t  take lightly. Much like in a game of high-stakes poker, business executives need to decide whether it is worth the risk of [...]

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RFP Response Writer Services Guelph Ontario

Boardroom Metrics RFP Response Writing Boardroom Metric’s team of RFP response writers work from various locations across the United States and Canada. Currently there are nine writers and two graphic artists on the team. Canadian locations include Toronto, London and Calgary. Almost 100% of the work the team does is virtual via phone, email, text [...]

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RFP Checklist ‘Go’ or ‘No Go’ RFP Decision?

Tremendous effort, resources, and commitment are required to respond to an RFP. It can also take a toll on your team, both professionally and personally - as it usually means taking key employees away from their already busy job responsibilities. It may also require having your team work nights and weekends away from family and [...]

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The Differences Between RFP, RFI, RFQ, and RFT

People have lots of questions about Request for Proposals or RFP. It is the Supply Management marketing term for seeking respondents for sales opportunities. It can be understood in two ways: Generic: An RFP is a document or package that the issuer circulates to invite respondents to provide a sought product or service. Specific: An [...]

Should You Engage an RFI, RFP Response Writer?

You have an RFP response opportunity. Now what? Senior managers and executives are keenly aware of the pressures placed on them to produce wins – those wonderful things that forgive a multitude of failures and mistakes. But just because an RFI, RFP, RFQ, or another opportunity pops up does not mean one should make the [...]

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When should you issue an RFI versus an RFP? So, your organization is looking for a solution or services to meet a set of business requirements, but where do you start? How do you know which companies would be able to meet your requirements, or which companies have done this type of work before? You [...]

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The Value of Responding to an RFI

  The Value of Responding to an RFI: Our RFP Response team has noticed an increasing trend in the formal Request for Proposal process. They are getting more and more requests to help vendors respond to RFI’s (Request for Information). Why the increasing trend to RFI’s when the normal trend has always been to RFP’s [...]

Waterloo RFP Writer Services

  Waterloo RFP Writer Proposal Response Services Conveniently located near Waterloo Ontario, Boardroom Metrics provides RFP, RFI and other response writing services to organizations across North America. The Boardroom Metrics RFP team includes nine experienced professional RFP writers and two graphic artists. Some of the writers are in Toronto, Atlanta and Calgary. All of the [...]

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