For Those Who Want to Be Better RFP Response Writers

We help clients write strong RFP responses and win business. With nine writers, a proof reader, copy editor and three graphic artists, most of the time we do the actual RFP response writing for clients. These links will take you to insight on why many organizations outsource their RFP writing and what it costs.

However, every once in a while someone will contact us to see if we can help them write their own RFP’s better. Yes we can and we’re happy to help. We do that in two ways:

Professional analysis of Your RFP responses

Send us a recent RFP and your response and we’ll get one our professional RFP writers to give you feedback. This is actually a phenomenally helpful service. Especially if you would like to increase your win rate.

Our writer will give you feedback on everything from your interpretation of what the issuer was seeking to how to make the executive summary more effective. If you want more insight, send us more of your RFP’s and responses.

When you’re done, you will have a clear formula for writing RFP response like a professional writer. It’s not good for the rest of our business, but we are happy to help. Really!

RFP Writer Training from RFP Writing Professionals

Connect us with your internal RFP writer, writing team or overburdened business development VP and we’ll help them take their RFP writing to another level. We’ll partner them with one of our professional writers. Together, they will review past RFP responses and even better, work with them on writing a current RFP response.

Our writers are pros. Every one of them worked for an organization writing RFPs. They not only understand how to write effectively, they understand how to work within the organization to be successful. They will impart that expertise to whoever they are training.

Stand out as an RFP response writer

Tons of organizations write their own RFP responses. One way we know that is the traffic to our blogs with tips on RFP writing is substantial. The services above take those blogs to the next level. They are hands-on, efficient and cost effective.

More information here!

If you are committed to a better win-rate and want more information give us a call at 416-994-6552 or email [email protected]