Typo Finder Joins the Boardroom Metrics Business Writing Team

The Boardroom Metrics writing team keeps expanding. We now provide copy editing and proofreading services along with our RFP, content writing, and writing project management services. This brings the total number of writing specialists on our team to twelve.

Are you tired of typos? Do you wonder if you’re communicating your message clearly?

Jahleen Turnbull-Sousa, our new Toronto proofreader and copy editor, says, “I polish your words while keeping them your own. You have a message to communicate, and it’s my job to help make that happen. Copy editing and proofreading help to ensure your message is clear, suitable for your audience, and free of distracting typos and inconsistencies. This, in turn, enhances your professional image and your credibility.”

Not just typos. How a proofreader and copy editor takes your business writing content to a new level.

Here’s why organizations tell us they outsource proofreading and copy editing services:

  • No time to go through documents to check grammar, spelling, typos, etc.
  • Struggling with writing (We hear lots of professionals say, “I am a subject matter expert, not a writer.”)
  • Going “document blind”: working on a document so long that the writer can no longer see errors
  • Needing an extra set of professional eyes to catch inconsistencies and nuances in the text

 What can a copy editor and proofreader do for you?

Big-picture edits (structural and stylistic editing—see below):

  • Reorganizing information
  • Adding headings
  • Producing a table of contents
  • Ensure a unified authorial voice by smoothing out passages and transitions written by different contributors
  • Ensure accuracy of facts
  • Check that graphics and tables are referred to in the text and placed appropriately

Small-picture edits (copy editing and proofreading—see below):

  • Establish consistency of the organization’s editorial style
  • Ensure acronyms are defined clearly
  • Edit out redundancy, verbosity, and jargon
  • Ensure grammar, punctuation, and spelling are accurate and consistent
  • Check pagination and figure and table numbering for accuracy
  • Ensure that the final draft is free of typos, inconsistencies, and formatting errors

We provide writing and content writing services to organizations across North America.

The services provided by our Toronto proofreader and copy editor include:

Substantive/Structural Editing:

Assessing and shaping the text for structure, organization, flow, and other big-picture issues. Tailoring the content to reach its target audience and achieve its intended purpose.

Stylistic Editing / Line Editing:

Editing at the sentence level to improve clarity and flow. Refining the level of language to fit the audience and genre.

Copy Editing:

Editing for correctness in spelling, grammar, and punctuation; ensuring accuracy, completeness, and consistency of editorial style.

Plain Language Editing: 

Editing to explain concepts as clearly and directly as possible; editing for lower-literacy readers.


Analyzing text in its final typeset form for completeness and typographical or layout errors.

Writing genres include:

Proposals, business reports, blog posts, policy and procedure manuals, e-newsletters, organizational correspondence (internal and external), medical-legal (medico-legal) reports, clinical reports, articles, websites, books (fiction and non-fiction), educational materials, flyers, pocket guides.

More information on proof reading and copy editing

For more information on Boardroom Metrics Proofreader and Copy Writer services please contact Karen at 416-994-6552 or email [email protected]