RFP’s – Are you Tracking your Proposal Responses?

Are you Tracking your RFP Proposal Responses? I have been involved in RFP and Proposal responses as part of teams for many years. Many of these have been through the formal and competitive RFP process. Each project presented lessons learned. Even non-winning proposals have been a source of valuable feedback. When we have taken the [...]

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Did you add Reference Letters to your RFP Response?

Did you add Reference Letters to your RFP Response? You read the RFP issued and you provided the mandatory 2 relevant references with contact information. Is that enough? Most organizations responding to RFPs think that this will do. After all, it’s what the issuer asked for. But to stand out in an extremely competitive RFP [...]

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Can you really write an effective RFP response for my Industry?

  Boardroom Metrics provides RFP Consulting and Outsource Response Writing expertise to clients of all types in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.   We’re sometimes asked: Can you really create an effective RFP response, even if you’re not experienced in my industry? It’s a very understandable question. And the short answer is: Yes! We've done [...]

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6 Reasons Why we can create RFP responses for your Industry

Every day I am asked how we can create winning RFP responses without being an expert in your industry? Here are my top 6 reasons of how we can navigate the complex bidding process and help your response team.     This is what we do every day! Our team’s core business is to prepare [...]

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How would Aristotle write an RFP?

The Choice! Why Outsource a Professional RFP Writer Aristotle, the founder of the 'choice theory' believed that “the origin of a choice is desire and reasoning with a view to an end” hence “choice cannot exist without reason”. Aristotle’s theory makes perfect sense. If we have to make choice between eating a banana and a [...]

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Money Money Money – $16 Billion coming soon!

As of April 1st the Federal Government Procurement process begins anew: stimulating $16 Billion dollars worth of Contracts. The Federal Government is one of, or quite possibly the largest purchaser of goods and services in the entire country. And, in the upcoming 2015 -2016 fiscal year, the Procurement process just got a whole lot more [...]

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