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About Dean Lukehart

Dean Lukehart is a business development strategist and RFP writer with a degree in Journalism from Penn State University, and an extensive background of organizing and writing RFP responses that win business.

Can you really write an effective RFP response for my Industry?

  Boardroom Metrics provides RFP Consulting and Outsource Response Writing expertise to clients of all types in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.   We’re sometimes asked: Can you really create an effective RFP response, even if you’re not experienced in my industry? It’s a very understandable question. And the short answer is: Yes! We've done [...]

Important RFP Response? Don’t Wait Too Long For Help!

How exciting! A big new RFP has surfaced, and your company is perfect for it. Immediately, an RFP response team is organized and tasked with developing the proposal. You have more than a month to get it done. Plenty of time, right? Not necessarily. Unless your company is dramatically different from most, you don’t have [...]

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