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Boardroom Metrics provides RFP Consulting and Outsource Response Writing expertise to clients of all types in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe.


We’re sometimes asked:

Can you really create an effective RFP response, even if you’re not experienced in my industry?

It’s a very understandable question.

And the short answer is: Yes! We’ve done it countless times, and will be happy to provide references at your request.

The slightly longer answer is: You are experts in your business; we are experts in ours.

Boardroom Metrics RFP strategists know how to draw the pertinent information and industry insights we need from you, and package everything into an effective RFP response that differentiates your proposal and wins business.

To better understand why experience in your industry is not a prerequisite for an effective RFP response, it helps to understand our process.

Be assured that we are very flexible, and will adjust our approach according to how you prefer to work with us to respond to an RFP.

But in most cases, we adhere to the following process:

  1. Boardroom Metrics reviews the RFP along with:
    1. Any past RFP responses you may have, which will give us insights into your industry and company
    2. Any relevant sales/marketing materials you can provide
    3. A thorough analysis of your website, and those of your competitors
  1. Boardroom Metrics breaks down the questions in the RFP into three categories:
    1. Questions Boardroom Metrics can answer, with input from the information gained in Step #1 above
    2. Questions for which the Client needs to provide content, and Boardroom Metrics writes the response.
    3. Questions the Client must answer – typically those pertaining to such things as pricing, and your work plan for completing the project. In these instances the Boardroom Metrics RFP writer will review the answers, and make any suggestions or re-write as necessary.
  2. Boardroom Metrics will collect all content and write the final response in a singular, professional “voice” distinguishes your company from the competition.

In short, Boardroom Metrics will take complete ownership of your RFP.

Along the way, we will be in constant contact with you, asking questions and soaking up what you know. We’ll leave no stone unturned in making sure the response demonstrates a thorough understanding of your industry.

The end result?

A proposal that gives your company the best possible opportunity to be successful.

Still have questions?

We invite you to Book a Call with a Boardroom Metrics RFP Writer, for a no-obligation conversation about how we can help: 1-416-994-6552 Email: [email protected]

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