Marianna Koos

About Marianna Koos

Marianna Koos has international experience writing and winning RFPs, RFQs and RFIs. She believes that winning RFPs is about effectively communicating a company’s value and unique capabilities.

6 Reasons Why we can create RFP responses for your Industry

Every day I am asked how we can create winning RFP responses without being an expert in your industry? Here are my top 6 reasons of how we can navigate the complex bidding process and help your response team.     This is what we do every day! Our team’s core business is to prepare [...]

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How would Aristotle write an RFP?

The Choice! Why Outsource a Professional RFP Writer Aristotle, the founder of the 'choice theory' believed that “the origin of a choice is desire and reasoning with a view to an end” hence “choice cannot exist without reason”. Aristotle’s theory makes perfect sense. If we have to make choice between eating a banana and a [...]