Are You Tracking Lessons Learned To Help Improve RFP Response Success?

I have been involved in RFP and Proposal responses as part of teams for many years. Many of these have been through the formal and competitive RFP process.

Each project presented lessons learned. Even non-winning proposals have been a source of valuable feedback.

When we have taken the time to ask our team ‘what were the lessons learned’, it always presented a tremendous opportunity for us to improve our future proposal response packages and processes.

How to Learn from Previous RFP Responses

Taking a proactive approach, you can easily seek feedback from your response team and procurement buyers, by:

  1. Have a debriefing with the response team immediately following each proposal submission.
  2. Request a summary of lessons learned from the response team for each proposal effort.
  3. Track proposal outcomes, this can be assigned to an internal resource using an Excel Worksheet as part of your proposal development strategy.
  4. Ask the buyer for feedback on both winning and losing proposals.
  5. Document why some proposals won and others lost.
  6. Take action to ensure that continuous improvements are made to the proposal package and process.

Objective Advice Can Help Improve RFP Response Success

If you need help thinking strategically about your RFP Process, reach out to a professional RFP Writer for assistance. Having an objective specialist can:

  1. Provide valuable insight on best practices
  2. Provide a critique of past RFP Responses to identify opportunities and areas for improvement
  3. Provide coaching for your team when they are in the thick of an RFP Response to help ease the stress
  4. Will help you increase your win-rate.

Good luck everyone – may the best RFP Response win!