Tremendous effort, resources, and commitment are required to respond to an RFP. It can also take a toll on your team, both professionally and personally – as it usually means taking key employees away from their already busy job responsibilities.

It may also require having your team work nights and weekends away from family and friends to respond to the RFP in a timely manner.

This means making a well thought-out decision about whether or not to respond to an RFP is important for the entire organization.

The RFP Go or No Go Checklist

The Boardroom Metrics RFP writing team has put together our own RFP Go/No Go checklist, to help make your decision-making process easier.  The FREE download link is provided below.

We developed the checklist to cover the most important decision-making factors:

  • Capability – can we meet the mandatory requirements? Can we provide the sought solution?
  • Financial – Is the proper corporate approval secured, including executive sign-off or Board approval? Are we financially able to pursue the opportunity and execute the deliverables if we win?
  • Experience/Credibility – Do we have the work experience? Do we have a good relationship with the Issuer?
  • Competition – Are we competitive in price, quality, and schedule? Is the Issuer happy/unhappy with the current provider/incumbent?
  • Resource Limitations – Can we meet the submission deadline? Do we have the internal resources? Do we have access to timely external RFP help? If awarded the contract, can we deliver what is needed successfully throughout the defined execution period?

The Go/No Go Checklist helps companies quickly determine if it is in their best interest to pursue the opportunity. Serious thought and discussion may be required to make this important decision, including whether company funds should be focused on this RFP, or focused on different business development initiatives. This is an important leadership decision.

Do you already have a go/no go checklist?

Our RFP Specialists suggest that you revise your decision-making checklist from time to time, especially as your organization grows in its solution capabilities and subject matter expertise.

Good luck in your RFP pursuits!

FREE DOWNLOAD: Fillable RFP Pursuit Go/No Go Checklist

Our writing team has put together this professional checklist to help you decide whether your company should respond to an RFP opportunity. Even they say it’s the best RFP checklist they’ve ever worked with!

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