March 20, 2020

As Covid-19 sweeps the world, every little thing we do may have an impact.

With that in mind, the owners at Boardroom Metrics have thought about what we can do as a helpful response to Covid-19. Here’s a quick summary:

First, we’re self-isolating. We know that doesn’t sound like much. However, it may be one of the most important things we can do. We don’t want people around us to become infected.

Second, have decided that we are prepared to be innovative and flexible in the services we provide and how we provide them. We want to be there if we can help a supplier meet a government need – or to help a government agency identify a necessary supplier. We also want to be there if we can help any organization respond fully and responsibly to the Covid-19 situation.

If that means reacting extraordinarily fast then we will do it. If it means waiving or adjusting key financial or other terms, then we are prepared to do that (providing we are clear on the benefit to others of our actions). Finally, if it means, utilizing any of our core competencies/expertise (business writing, RFP response, Board and governance related services) in ways we had never previously considered, then we are prepared to do that too.

Being totally honest, we don’t know if there is any demand right now that being more flexible and innovative with our services will solve (we do know that governments everywhere have urgent medical supply needs). However, we are reaching out to clients, partners, people we work with and other people we know for their perspective. We are using our social media channels to hopefully reach organizations that we can help.

For the past two months, the threat of Coronavirus has been on our minds. We were concerned enough to change up all of our winter/spring travel plans (business and personal) weeks ago. Many of our friends and acquaintances think we over-reacted. We don’t. We believe the next couple of months will be dangerously challenging and unsettling. We believe people and organizations will be called on to innovate, help, motivate and support.

We want to do our part. If you see a need and think that Boardroom Metrics can help, please let us know. Thank you.

Karen McElroy and Jim Crocker