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A Client Good News Story Makes Us Proud

Governance, Strategy and Leadership ‘Tell your story. Please tell your story.’ For the past year that’s what we’ve been encouraging one of our clients – The Canadian Hearing Society – to do. Canadian Hearing Society is the undisputed leader removing barriers to participation for Canada’s Deaf and hard of hearing. Brilliant, dedicated and forward thinking, [...]

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Risk of Incarceration: Cyber Security in the Boardroom

Why Boards must consider cyber security as part of corporate governance. For many years now, Information security, including Cyber Security, has been left to the IT Department. However, even if your IT people are doing a stellar job, here are five reasons for Directors to bring Cyber Security into the Boardroom. Pending SEC Legislation Bill [...]

The Danger of Board Self-Assessment

Boardroom Metrics provides corporate governance consulting to public, private and not-for-profit clients in the US and Canada. Has your Board done a self-assessment? What did it show? Is there a danger your Board is over-rating its governance abilities? There are several (obvious?) reasons why Board self-assessments are dangerous. Lack of competency. The truth is, most Boards [...]

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Avoiding Corporate Governance Failures

Boardroom Metrics provides corporate governance and strategy consulting to Public, Private and Not-For-Profit organizations in the United States and Canada. We’ve been involved in corporate governance consulting now for over twenty years. We’ve also served as Directors for public, private and not-for-profits organizations. Corporate Governance failures are more common than most people realize. Here’s what [...]

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Does a Board provide more than oversight?

  Does a board provide more than oversight? The second installment in the three-part series is a continuation of the conversation with Tom and his role as a director. We had had a lengthy discussion on the merits of providing oversight, and the distinction between management and governance.     As an engineer Tom is [...]

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Board of Directors – Are you a Manager or Governor?

Are you a Manager or a Governor? By the end of this short series you will be better informed of the differences between Management and Governance   - and be able to reflect on your board and your contribution to it. I recently met a fellow, lets call him Tom, who sits on a board [...]

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What is Governance anyway?

A standard definition of ‘governance’ does not exist. Yet everyone expects organizations to be governed well. It seems a nebulous notion and yet if you are a director on a board then you are expected to ‘govern’ on behalf of all the stakeholders. That may mean a broader audience than the investors.   The tricky [...]

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