Organizations of all sizes have four reasons for using an outsource RFP writer.

1. To supplement existing RFP writing expertise in new channels.

We work with several clients who have proven expertise in their primary business channels. Their win-rate in those channels clearly shows they know what they are doing. However, as they move into new channels, or emphasize less developed ones, they come to the conclusion that their approach and win-rate in those channels should be better developed – and they reach out for help. We have experience and expertise in a very large variety of channels. Almost every one of our writers come from a corporate writing backgrounds, often from the same industry a client is seeking to increase their expertise in.

2. To handle the overflow when the number of RFP’s exceeds their team’s capacity.

The flow of RFP’s isn’t always predictable. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. Supplementing internal teams with an outsource RFP writer is a very cost effective way to handle this increased flow. It avoids over-staffing when demand is smaller and investing in RFP writing resources only when required.

3. To get a fresh perspective on their RFP writing approach.

Sometimes, a large client simply wants to take a fresh look at their own approach. They seek to ensure they understand best practices for RFP writing including style, format, graphic design and use of technology. For clients seeking this kind of support we provide two options: a) we can work with them on a live RFP or b), we conduct a formal assessment of recent RFP’s that they have submitted. The output of these assessments can provide some very useful tools and recommendations for upgrading the RFP writing approach. This blog provides more insight on our RFP assessment solution.

4. To increase their RFP response win rate.

In this case, the client reaches out because they are tired of losing. They have submitted more than their fair share of proposals but are delivering too few wins. Although all of the benefits identified above are achieved, the goal here is simple – win us one! Writing winning bids is our mission and we are always focused on that. Along the way, every client we work with is continuously learning about their customers’ needs and how they are competitively positioned to win their customers’ business.

Successful businesses depend on having a strong RFP writing strategy. It is very common for large organizations with their own RFP writing teams to supplement internal expertise with a flexible, outsource RFP writer team resource.