What we know from talking to every Sales leader that we chat with is that they are frustrated with the results that their inside sales people are delivering.

We have determined that one of the biggest reasons for this frustration is the fact that most organizations believe that their inside sales people need to have the technical expertise to talk about the company’s product or service. Our success shows that this is a misnomer.

In our experience it’s much easier to find a technical expert then it is to find someone who is truly gifted at cold calling.

What we’ve proven is that the most successful inside sales people need to have the skills, the natural talent and expertise to be fantastic on the phone.

Factor in the new anti-spam laws – phoning a potential client directly is the clear winner in outbound sales strategies to senior decision makers today. Successful cold-calling to CEO’s and C-Level decision makers is as much an art as it is a science!

It requires patience, experience, intuition, organization and determination. And, a unique set of skills required to deal with gate keepers, executive assistants, technology and other roadblocks that exist – it’s clear why so few people succeed at making calls outside of their own networks.

Ask around, and everyone will tell you that if you can find an amazing cold-caller – hold them close and treat them well!

If you require Outbound sales solutions, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that outsourcing this service in North America can deliver more meetings at a lower cost per meeting than most of our Clients every actually achieve on their own.