Winning RFPs is about effectively communicating a company’s value and unique capabilities.

When responding to *RFP’s, RFQ’s, and RFI’s the areas where we bring an objective perspective include:

  • Identifying details and critical information that could mean immediate disqualification.
  • Determining how well suited you are to the project and identify your core competencies for the proposal.
  • Weighing your chances of winning.
  • Calculating how much time and resources will need to be dedicated to respond to each proposal.
  • Determining what additional resources will add value to the proposal.
  • Assessing the potential rewards of winning the proposal.
  • Assessing the costs of winning the proposal.
  • Writing and editing your information and building on that
  • Identifying what other potential could be gained by bidding on a project.

We believe that RFPs create possibilities.

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