Increase RFP win-rate assessmentAre you satisfied with your current RFP win-rate?

We speak with many clients who are frustrated with their RFP, RFI win-rate. They are concerned that the proposals they are submitting to win formal bids are not competitive. In many cases, it’s actually what they’ve been told by the RFP issuer!

Do your proposals have what it takes to win a formal RFP process?

For clients who want to retain control of their own proposal writing process, our Proposal Assessment service helps them stay current on best practices and opportunities for improvement. Typically, we write clients’ proposals for them. However, in this case we provide a detailed assessment and recommendations for improving proposals that our clients have written for themselves. This assessment gives them insight on best practices they can use to increase win-rate in the future.

Outputs of a professional RFP, RFI assessment.

The output of a Proposal Assessment is a detailed report that identifies opportunities for improving a current RFP or RFI writing response process and written proposals. It identifies exactly what the strengths and weaknesses are for each section of an existing RFP or RFI response and recommends what should be done to make improvements.

The RFP, RFI Proposal Assessment Report provides:

  1. The most efficient process for preparing quality proposals, including which RFP and RFI templates to use, re-use and enhance as required
  2. How to build a dynamic Proposal Library that can be consistently updated and accessed by your teams
  3. Review and recommendations for every section of the RFP and RFI proposal responses
  4. A summary report and RFP or RFI template that can be easily referenced and used as an internal tool for your Business Development Team to continuously improve Proposal packages and future outcomes.

Maximizing RFP, RFI Win-Rate

RFP issuers are telling bidders that they want to be “wowed” by RFP Responses. Winning bidders are finding ways to stand out in their writing, content and presentation of their proposals. This RFP proposal assessment service will help you understand how your proposal responses can drive a higher win-rate for your RFP proposals.

For more information on our RFP and RFI Proposal Assessment service call Karen at 416-994-6552 or write [email protected].