For many organizations, outsourcing RFP response writing to a professional RFP writer saves time, significantly improves quality and leads to higher win rates.

There are actually some people in the world who love the challenge of responding to an RFP.  They’re organized, good with details, strong writers, expert researchers and ok working to a tight deadline. Sometimes, they’re even fun and know how to work on a team.

For the rest of us, jumping out of an airplane without a parachute can seem more attractive.

Responding effectively to an RFP is lot of work. Each one is unique. It’s seldom exactly clear what the issuer is looking for. The questions can seem repetitive and the deadline is mostly always too short. Then there’s the challenge of pulling a team together, ignoring other priorities and getting sleep.

As a result, many organizations are cautious, even highly skeptical about diverting or investing in internal resources to write an RFP response. “Why do it”, they ask, “when the chances of winning probably aren’t that great anyways?”.

Responding to and winning RFP’s is a vital growth strategy.

There are literally billions of dollars of business opportunity wrapped up in successful bids. So figuring out to respond well, without crashing the rest of the organization is something big to think about.  For some organizations, biting the bullet and investing internally is the answer. For many though, the answer to a better RFP life is to outsource.

The Benefits of Outsourcing RFP Writing to a Professional

Outsourcing provides a cost effective and more efficient way of working and handling a non-core function, consequently the value of outsourcing your RFP Proposals includes:

1.    Cost Savings: providing you with a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and skills at the fraction of the cost of your internal resources;

2.    Operational Efficiencies: allows your staff to do what they do best, their core functions, therefore eliminating interruption in regular business operation;

3.    Speed of Responding: the combination of experience, expertise and focus means shortening the timeframe required to implement and execute the RFP Proposal response process; generally, much quicker than starting internally from scratch;

4.    Flexibility: outsourcing provides flexible capacity that can adjust to the peaks and valleys in demand for RFP response expertise

5.    Specialist skills: offers access to experts’ knowledge and skills in writing winning RFP Proposals.

6.    Improved Results: draws on the expertise to get you the results in winning new business.

Bottom line, if you want to get good at responding to RFP proposals, then hiring an outsource expert is simple and effective. They can manage the process for you, interpret the issuers needs, write the RFP and prepare the overall package. They can even handle the graphics and do the submission if that’s what you need.

Boardroom Metrics RFP Writing Services

At Boardroom Metrics we have RFP experts working in the US, Canada, the Caribbean and Europe. Every one of them has over fifteen years corporate RFP response experience – and every one of them loves what they do. If you’re interested in taking the stress out of winning more RFP’s let us know. We’d love to help. Contact Karen at 1-416-994-6552 or email [email protected]

This blog was written by Jim Crocker and members of the Boardroom Metrics RFP Services team.