~~ When I am Career Coaching, many of my Clients tell me that their skills are transferable to every industry.  I then ask the question, ‘but is your Lingo-transferable’.

Every industry has their own set of, acronyms, buzz-words, slangs, insider-terminology, nomenclature.

In the Watch business, I had to know my Bezel from a Crown and a Chronograph from a Skeleton, and the Face of a watch is really called a Dial in that industry.

But I also had to know who the main players of the industry were, who my competition was and I don’t just mean other watch companies, it was cell-phones and ipods that had timepieces built in them now.

So, I suggest that if you are interested in working in a particular industry sector, do some research – go online and seek out groups talking about industry news and views.  You can easily do this on linked-in, facebook or just Google anything.

But get involved in some conversations in and around that industry, and soon enough you will be using all kinds of buzz-words relevant to that particular marketplace.

And you will also get recognized for ‘being in the know’ when you can speak that unique language.

And through these groups, you may also be exposed to…..or discover an opportunity just waiting for you.  The ROI on learning a new industry vernacular is the Return on Involvement, – if you speak the right industry language – you could likely work in that space too.

Every day I use new terms directly related to executive business environments that I am now working in.  “Iterative” and “Multiples of EBITDA”….are two of my favorite new words and terms.

And the sweetest sound in the world is the persons own name, so don’t forget to keep things personal.

On that note Thanks, Andrew R, Sage, Andrew A and Jim for this weeks’ video contest!

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