At Boardroom Metrics we are enthusiastic about RFP’s.

RFPs are the ultimate business document. 

The opportunities created from writing a well-written proposal go far beyond simply winning a new piece of business. They include:

  • Competitive intelligence– the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge and insight on competitive activity, strategies and goals.
  • Client insight– the opportunity to see and respond to the latest market definitions of needs and desired outcomes.
  • Corporate Alignment– the opportunity to ensure that existing strategies and tactics match corporate goals.
  • Refreshing, expanding and upgrading Business Development Strategies– the opportunity for expanding existing markets and entering new ones.
  • Strategic partner development–the opportunity to identify and work with other companies and consultants in your own geography and beyond.
  • Corporate Visibility and Promotion– the opportunity to create and increase buyer awareness of your Company’s name and expertise.

For more information on our RFP proposal writing and response services, please contact Karen McElroy at Boardroom Metrics:
Telephone: 1.416.994.6552 Email: [email protected]