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Since 1994, Boardroom Metrics has provided one-stop, confidential access to independent industry experts, professional business advisers, senior interim managers and full-time executive talent. These people make up the Boardroom Metrics team and they are known as our Accomplished Executives.

These Accomplished Experts are the heart and soul of our business – and we don’t just ‘place’ them. We work closely with them on client service, quality, skill and knowledge development, teamwork and client success. We are a ‘high touch’, highly engaged model.

In many cases our Accomplished Experts are referred to us through our extensive network of companies, executives and industry professionals. However, our broad and highly visible social media presence frequently attracts talented individuals we wouldn’t necessarily be introduced to otherwise.

For these highly skilled executives and industry experts, Boardroom Metrics provides essential services and an evolving public platform where they can connect with organizations and collaborate with other talented individuals.

Over time, clients working with Boardroom Metrics discover – and find it pleasantly reassuring – that we are their one-stop-shop for solving the wide range of challenging issues that running a thriving business entails.

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