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Use this evaluation to objectively measure CEO performance versus the goals and expectations of the Board.

Key elements of this CEO evaluation template include:
• The CEO’s leadership performance
• The CEO’s management performance
• Relationship of the CEO with the Board of Directors
• The CEO’s financial stewardship of the organization
• Key accomplishments of the CEO and assessment versus Board-set goals
• Areas of CEO improvement
• Performance Development Action Plan

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Meet Jim Crocker Founder of Boardroom Metrics

Jim Crocker is a former public and private company CEO and has served on the Boards of public, private and not-for- profit organizations in financial services, technology, healthcare and education.

Jim’s consulting focus within Boardroom Metrics is corporate governance and work session facilitation.

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Top 12 Tips for Winning RFP’s and Proposals.

Download our Top 12 Tips for Winning RFP’s and Proposals
Our writing team put together these practical tips that will help you win more business through RFP’s and Proposals.

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The founders of Boardroom Metrics tap into their network of leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers and friends for wide-ranging insights on business.


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As a Career Transition Coach, whenever I meet with retired friends and post-corporate executives over lunch, the conversation invariably leads to discussions on ‘what will I do next’. Within the first year of retirement many people have already traveled, golfed, and had plenty of family visits.  And, many have contributed their volunteer services by participating [...]