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The Boardroom Metrics Blog provides an ever-growing source of business content, written by our Accomplished Executives about their areas of passion and expertise.  Latest blog posts and past content are accessible here.

You are the Rainmaker!

Rainmakers are the lifeblood of any organization. They are the people who continually bring in the big bucks, close the most profitable deals and generate the most new customers for a business.   Rainmakers ignore conventional sales advice. They cultivate their own natural curiosity about people and events and are always building their “sales practice”. … read more

C-Level Buying Psychology

Have you ever considered why someone makes a purchase? Did you know that a person’s emotions play a key part of his/her decision-making process? If your answer to these questions is “no” or “I never thought about sales that way”, read on. Psychology Behind the Sale: Successful sales people are considered “trusted advisors”, rainmakers who … read more

Want to WIN your next RFP Proposal Response?

Want to win your next RFP Proposal Response? Outsourcing to a professional RFP writer is a viable option. It may be hard to believe – but there really are people out in the universe that love writing Proposal and RFP Bid responses! Bringing in an outside outsourced objective set of professional eyes to your bid … read more

Creating a World Class Inside Sales Team

Creating, Building & Launching a World Class Inside Sales Team Have you ever thought to yourself, “if I only had a silver bullet, that one nugget of information to transform my sales team into passionate, “trusted advisors”, my job would be so much easier”? How many times have you thought about the secret behind your … read more

Selling into the C-Suite

Selling in the Executive Suite? Your efforts have paid off and you have been invited into the Executive Suite. You have 30 minutes to demonstrate your value to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. This is your opportunity to show “why” you offer value to his company. Don’t Blow Your Opportunity! Great job! You’re … read more

Snowden, Security & Privacy

In June of 2013, Edward Snowden leaked classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA). The leaked information revealed a number of surveillance programs that had been initiated by the NSA, and other international intelligence agencies throughout the world. These programs were keeping tabs on US citizens as well as foreign officials and dignitaries. They … read more

Simplify Data, Simplify Decision-Making

SIMPLIFY DATA, SIMPLIFY DECISION-MAKING With the explosion of internet based communications and cloud-computing, the plethora of messages and information reaching us has increased significantly. Our one-to-one modes of communication alone have necessitated time to basically sort through what is relevant at the time, organize it and act on it. The same is true for BIG … read more

Sharpen your Pencil – Grant Funding is Available

  We work with a lot of companies in Ontario that have successfully received funding and grant money for their organizations. This has helped fund everything from research and development, to hiring new staff and implementing new strategies. These firms range from start-ups through mid-size organizations through to large enterprises.   Funding contributes in numerous … read more

Solution Selling – Tried and True Approach

SOLUTION SELLING – TRIED AND TRUE APPROACH FOR THE “TRUSTED ADVISOR” “Marty” (not his real name) was a dedicated sales person. He towed the company line; followed up on every sales lead, and understood the company business objectives. Marty talked with customers & prospects any time an opportunity presented itself.  He recited his company’s value … read more

How would Aristotle write an RFP?

The Choice! Why Outsource a Professional RFP Writer Aristotle, the founder of the ‘choice theory’ believed that “the origin of a choice is desire and reasoning with a view to an end” hence “choice cannot exist without reason”. Aristotle’s theory makes perfect sense. If we have to make choice between eating a banana and a … read more

MISA Security Conference A Big Success

Approximately 200 delegates attended the 2015 MISA (Municipal Information Systems Association) Annual Security Conference in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake last week. There was something for everyone – the techies had training sessions, there were humorous keynote speakers and very informative sessions on what governments are doing to keep us and our information safe. Day 1 (Monday) was … read more

Make Your Brand As Beloved As A College Sports Team

Make Your Brand As Beloved As A College Sports Team Brands, big and small, are realizing the attractiveness of the largest, most affluent, best-educated fan base in sports. These fans have a special, intense passion for their alma mater and favorite teams, which makes collegiate marketing so effective. Previously national brands had few ways to … read more