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2308, 2016
  • Proposal and contract

Top 12 Tips for Responding to RFP’s – What We’ve Learned from Clients on Winning Bids

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Writing a winning proposal takes some planning, time and skill. Over the years we’ve worked with clients on hundreds of responses. We’ve worked with large organizations and small ones. Regardless of size, there are some [...]

1708, 2016
  • WorkLifeBalance

Seeking Work Life Balance?

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If You’re Looking For Work/Life Balance, I’ve Got Some Ocean-Front Property in Tennessee For You! by Doug Fisher – Boardroom Metrics There is no such thing as a sugar rush… There is no such thing [...]

508, 2016

Executives in Transition

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As a Career Transition Coach, whenever I meet with retired friends and post-corporate executives over lunch, the conversation invariably leads to discussions on ‘what will I do next’. Within the first year of retirement many [...]

208, 2016
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Cool Hacks To Get Organized At Work

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Cool Hacks To Get Organized At Work Doug Fisher – Boardroom Metrics “Organized people are just too lazy to look for things” “He’s CDO, OCD with all the letters in order… as they should be” [...]

108, 2016
  • Executive Mentor

How can I ask for an Executive Mentor? I am supposed to have all of the answers!

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Could an Executive Mentor help me?  This is a question I hear quite frequently. And, it's a question that must be on the minds of many people in leadership roles today. Have you ever seen [...]

2907, 2016
  • Baseball Business

Five Business Lessons Learned From Baseball

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Doug Fisher – Boardroom Metrics Five Business Lessons Learned From Baseball “A bad day at the ball park is better than a good day elsewhere" I love baseball! There are several passions in my stable [...]