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My Kickstarter Exceeded My Expectations… Now what?

My Kickstarter Exceeded My Expectations… Now what? Your fund raising efforts were successful.  You have the funds and you understand your field of expertise.  But you’re not a “business person”. How do you get from zero to successful without a background in incubating businesses?  Here are 6 steps to help get you going: The following … read more

My Five Year Rule for Directors and CEO’s

My Five Year Rule for Directors and CEO’s The other day I was presenting to a roomful of veteran Directors when the youngest Director in the room asked: “Jim, what are your thoughts on how long a Director should remain on the Board of an organization?” I smiled and jokingly asked him if he really … read more

Three Steps to Evaluate Your Board and Save Your Organization

Three Steps to Evaluate Your Board and Save Your Organization Ok. That last part of the title probably seems over the top. But it’s not. The field of corporate governance is strewn with organizations that failed because their Boards let them down. Many of those Boards were doing Board evaluations. The evaluations just weren’t effective. … read more

Don’t Waste Your Time on a Board Evaluation

For many years now I’ve been fascinated by the failures of corporate governance. From RIM to Volkswagen, Enron to Valeant, big organizations with smart Directors keep blowing themselves up. With some research, it’s always easy to get at least a little insight into the mistakes made by smart Directors on high profile Boards. RIM is … read more

Can we really implement a CRM System quickly?

  As we continue our discussion of CRM, we will look into several aspects of successfully implementing a CRM system that pays off quickly. Clients frequently ask us:   Q.  What will the process of moving to CRM look like? Answer: Step 1 – Determine CRM is a good addition for your firm Step 2 … read more

How to THRIVE with the best CRM system for your business?

If your business is a one-person startup consultancy in business just 30 days, you still should have CRM. This is a strong statement and I stand by it.  I feel sorry for any business where all customer data including every single “touch” is not logged.  Again, a strong but true statement. Customer Relationship Management software … read more

Candid? Is Honesty the Best Policy at your Company?

I remember hearing one of three partners in a small engineering firm suggest that complete honesty may not be the best idea if the three are to get along. My response was a plea to reconsider this approach. I knew the price to be paid when the leaders of a company do not have a … read more

Business Decision Making With Less Risk

Most business leaders make business decisions all day long. Making decisions will likely be the most repeated act of an engaged leader. If you’re not making decisions, then you’re not a leader – or you’ve fully implemented Holocracy [ask me]. Therefore, the decisions the leader makes, may have the biggest impact on the success of the … read more

20 Tips + One to Create Successful Organizational Change

It can be a significant challenge to incorporate different types of organizational changes into the day-to day. From who will be doing the work to the way work will be done, change often impacts multiple areas and numerous job functions. But being able to orchestrate these transitions quickly is a key differentiator in organizational survival … read more

The Change Equation: A Formula for Creating Successful Organizational Change

Change is everywhere. Be it a simple change to your company website, or a major change to processes or technology, you will need to know how to manage change. The pace of change is also increasing, which means that you may be managing multiple business changes simultaneously while still keeping up with your day-to-day work. … read more

How to Become a Savvy Change Agent within your Organization

Do you want to accelerate reaping the benefits of organizational change? Want to make sure that changes stick? Is change management already a part of your day-to-day? Perhaps your organization already has a number of skilled and well-qualified leaders to manage change and help employees adapt to new and different ways of working. I offer … read more

Embracing Change in The Digital Age – Part 3

In his latest book, “Busy,” Crabbe urges us to step back from all this multi-tasking and digital overload, to distinguish the busy from the important, as a controlled path to fulfillment. In other words, a realistic approach to embracing ever accelerating change. This book makes me feel more content. It reinforces my approach to changing … read more