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Medical Group Board Governance eBook

This Medical Group Board Governance eBook is an insightful, fifteen minute read. It is designed to clearly and succinctly lay out the core concepts of Board Governance and the [...]

Toronto Business Blog Writer

Background on Toronto Business Blog Writer Hi. My name is Jim Crocker. I’m the founder of Boardroom Metrics. By day, I work with Boards of Directors on Corporate Governance [...]

Make Outsourcing Work For You

Today’s workforce continues to evolve, with changes in terms of sustainable practices and even remote work. The concept of outsourcing, which has been around for quite some time, continues [...]

Guelph RFP Writer Services

Boardroom Metrics provides RFP writer services to organizations in Guelph and across North America. The Boardroom Metrics RFP response team is lead by Karen McElroy. Based in Guelph, Karen [...]