ToDoListA New Type of To-Do List

Perhaps the number one reason for not keeping a continual to-do list is the stress that accompanies it.

I like these lists and always have three comprehensive to-do lists… personal, professional and one just for my chores around the homestead.

Today I offer you a new leadership to-do list that can revolutionize your performance as a leader.



I suggest creating your new list and adding any or all of the following to your new list.  Completing these items will be more fun and more rewarding than your usual tasks.

Here we go:

  1. Make a list of your top five clients (by revenue) and assess how you are treating them.

– Do you know your top clients and are they delighted with your service?

  1. Take your leadership team off-site long enough to carefully list your aspirations.

– Do your leaders know what they are really fighting for?

  1. Schedule a site visit to a customer in the next two weeks.

– Are your customers accustomed to seeing you in their office?

  1. Publicly acknowledge a team member (employee) for pleasing a customer or peer.

– Does your company applaud outstanding performance?

  1. Travel to visit a vendor, buy them lunch, and thank them for being your partner.

– Do your vendors feel crushed or cherished?  Do you treat them as partners?

  1. Take an interesting person to lunch.

– Are you getting to know new people and expanding your contact list?

  1. Personally visit your next dissatisfied client, no matter how small the issue.

– Do your clients clearly know you take accountability for mistakes?

  1. Have your coach mediate a leadership start/stop/keep session.

– How often do you analyze every aspect of your business workflow?

  1. Terminate your C-performing team members (see previous blog).

– Is your team aware that you do not tolerate poor performance?

  1. Create a recognition event for all new team members who exceed their probationary period.

– Is it a special accomplishment to make it through this critical period and officially join the family?

There are many more examples of these “to-do’s” in my personal accountability list.  I would love to share them with you.  The story here is simple, budget your time to do the things that will really ‘move the needle’.

Invest your time in recognizing, learning, questioning, growing, praising, partnering and more.

It would be an honor to hear from you regarding the results of trying these activities.

I hope this lesson on creating a meaningful to-do list has you thinking.  Best…


“When you’re green, you’re growing’ when you’re ripe, you’re rotten”