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Bo is a rare visionary marketing professional who moves easily between strategy and hands-on execution. His creative thought leadership and solid understanding of multiple marketing disciplines coupled with his expertise in integrating social media strategies has produced numerous successful, unique and compelling social media marketing campaigns.

A Social Media Strategy for High Tech Marketers … The Time is Now!

Despite the vast potential social media brings, many high tech marketers do not have an integrated, congruent social media strategy.

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Five Easy Pieces for a Social Media Campaign

During the past year, I have had the pleasure of assisting clients, in numerous industries, in developing Social Media strategies and tactics. A common success formula emerged described in these five easy steps.

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Social Media Changing the Insurance Industry

Have you ever connected social media with insurance? The insurance industry has stepped up its game to become more social.

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Be more Strategic about your Twittering … Listen and Learn

After you have "Set your Goal" for using twitter, the next part of a successful twitter strategy is to listen and learn. People who listen and learn on Twitter are those who are usually the most successful. “One of the fundamentals of being an excellent conversationalist is good listening skills.” Take a day and just [...]

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Be more Strategic about your Twittering … Set Your Goal!

  Even if you have been using Twitter for some time, it’s not too late to apply some “strategery” to your efforts. Here is the first step (of four) to a successful strategy. The first step is to Set Your Goal… Do you really know what you are aiming to achieve with Twitter? In the [...]

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The Power of Twitter Listening

Most people’s instinct when joining Twitter is to start tweeting, but I recommend you start by listening on Twitter first and never stop listening. It is an amazing real time tool for listening. Why Listen? There are numerous reasons for listening especially when you are starting out. You might want to determine your target audience [...]

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Listening with LinkedIn

Social media listening and gathering information is critical if you want to be in the best position to know what’s going on and where key topics lie. One of the social media sites that you can do some powerful listening, especially if you have a business focused social media goal and objective, is LinkedIn. Most [...]

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What Kind of Social Media Listener Are You?

If you want to be successful in social media you need to start with “listening”, you need first, to understand and then, to be understood. The listening tactics that you establish in the beginning will serve as a guide through the dynamic and interesting world of Social Media. Whether you are using social media to [...]

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