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Charlie is a Certified Director. He facilitates insights into a board’s effectiveness. His expertise includes Governance, Human Capital Analytics, Management Organizational Analysis and Effective Leadership.

Is Your High Tech Sales Team Firing on ALL Cylinders?

High tech sales executives need to be constantly evaluating how their sales people are performing and their sales effectiveness. The quantitative evaluation process starts with analyzing one or two key sales performance metrics and the associated data.

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Baby Boomer Business Owners – Who will succeed you?

In a conversation with a small business CEO about his company’s succession plan, the CEO stated that one had yet to be put in place.  As a CEO in a company where people perform  many roles in a day, his time is stretched dealing with today’s business priorities and thinking about the future is something [...]

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Strategic Choice to Guide Succession and Management Planning

In the recent changes and performance at RIM, shareholders should be asking themselves did the Board ever discuss Corporate Strategy with CEO and Management Succession (SMP). With the appointment of Mr. Heins, his priority was to conduct a situation analysis that has resulted in many actions and speculations.  At their recent AGM, shareholders were updated [...]

5 Common Succession Planning Challenges

Just about every week, there is an announcement about a Board appointing an interim CEO or manager to run the company until a successor is found.  It is my opinion that this is a key indicator an organization’s succession plan is not working. From my perspective, I see 5 common challenges for Board’s and their [...]

Succession Planning

Boards of Directors must increasingly manage their oversight of Human Capital. CEO succession planning is a critical Board responsibility. Yet in today’s climate, Board’s seem powerless in dealing with this responsibility. At Tim Horton’s and Bank of America the CEO’s announced they were leaving and the Board was unable to advise or reassure the public [...]

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