Boardroom Metrics provides Board Evaluation services to public, private and not-for-profit organizations in Toronto and throughout North America.

Objectives of the Board Evaluation Process

  1. to evaluate current Board role and element of Board effectiveness including composition, structure and operations
  2. to recommend the most beneficial ways to improve Board effectiveness and further improve the performance of the organization

Outputs of the Board Evaluation Process

  1. A detailed evaluation of the Board’s current governance effectiveness and operations
  2. Input on future opportunities, threats and direction from current organization leadership, Directors, Members, others
  3. A summary of current and trending industry governance best practices in the public, association, and not-for-profit sectors (whichever is relevant)
  4. Recommendations for improving Board structure, nominating and governance operating practices with the goal of increasing the organization’s governance and operating performance

A helpful Board Evaluation Resource

Steps of the Board Evaluation

1. Governance Document Review

 Goal to identify outdated and inconsistent governance policies and processes. Review of by-laws and other Board governance documents including Board Minutes, Corporate Strategy Documents, other documents used by the organization to direct governance and oversight.

2. On-line Board Survey

Goal to identify opportunities for executing the Board role more effectively. On-line survey is completed by Directors and the CEO; other Management, other stakeholders as determined by the Board. The survey asks respondents to rate their understanding of the Board’s role and their satisfaction with important elements of Board effectiveness including Board composition, Leadership, Information, Processes and Culture. The survey can be used as a baseline for future Board evaluations to track progress.

3. Director/Other Interviews

Goal to increase depth of understanding of the Board’s effectiveness.  Typically interviewees include a subset of the Board, the CEO and other participants identified by the Board.

4. Board Meeting Audit

Goal to observe first-hand the organization’s governance processes in real time. The observation of Board meetings provides tremendous insight on how the Board understands its role and how effectively it executes it.

5. Review Industry Best Practices in Corporate Governance

Goal to identify trends and other advances, changes in industry best practices that may impact the organization from a governance perspective.

6. Presentation of Conclusions and Recommendations

Opportunity for the Board to learn the results of the Board evaluation, discuss the implications and begin building a plan for increasing Board effectiveness.

Board Evaluation Process Timing

8 – 10 weeks.

More information

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