By Boardroom Metrics

This CEO succession planning template is designed to help Board of Directors determine the most important criteria for identifying and developing the next CEO. Understanding these criteria is a critical element of effective succession planning. It ensures that the CEO succession planning process focuses on the most important needs of the future organization.

Boardroom Metrics works with public, private and not-for-profit Boards on corporate governance effectiveness. CEO succession planning is vital because oversight of the CEO is one of the key roles of the Board of Directors. Along with CEO succession planning, Boardroom Metrics conducts Board and CEO evaluations for Boards interested in measuring and maximizing Board and CEO performance.

Download the CEO Succession Planning Template here

Headings included in this CEO Succession Planning Template:

  1. Overview of the Business Next 3 – 10 Year
  2. Overall Descriptor of the CEO
  3. Functional Criteria
  4. Leadership Expertise
  5. Industry Experience
  6. Career Path
  7. Personality Traits
  8. Internal Candidates
  9. External Candidates

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