You are on the road with one goal in mind: grow your business.

You plan on introducing your pain-relieving, value-added proposition to potential clients. You will use your ‘business development’ PowerPoint, or Prezi or Keynote-based presentation to achieve that goal.

Ask yourself this question: are you impressive when presenting with it? Or have you been reduced to becoming a drone slave to the presentation slides/pages?

Uncertain? Here’s a self-check you can do:

a) Do you introduce every slide to your potential clients by telling them what they will see next and how very relevant it is to them? If yes, then you are a PRO. (CONGRATULATIONS!)

b) Do you click forward to the next slide and explain its presence in your presentation (after the fact) with elaborate explanation and expansion? (BOO HISS!)

c) Do you use the software graphics to illustrate, demonstrate, quantify, specify, substantiate, testify on your behalf in a clear and time-effective manner? (HURRAH!)

Or finally,

d) Do you love to explain, emphasize what is written/shown on the slide/page until you have exhausted yourself and numbed your potential clients into paralysis? (BUMMER!)

Fact is: PowerPoint, or Prezi or the MAC Keynote presentation software are of great value to you and your clients when you capitalize on the reality that they are meant to act as CO-PRESENTERS and that you use them in that manner, not as your speaking note crutches.

What’s your style? Is it time for your presentation make-over?